I am providing personal applications since 2012. My plugins have over downloads

Setup Maven

Put this in your pom.xml file under the repositories section to use my repository:

  1. <repostiroy>
  2.   <id>jeter-repo</id>
  3.   <url>http://nexus.jeter.de/repository/releases/</url>
  4. </repository>



Second Blog Post

Written by TheJeterLP on 2019-11-04 14:27:59

Hi, I'm TheJeterLP aka Jeter. I'm a german Java and PHP developer and specialized on Bukkit / Spigot plugins and creating websites. My most famous projects are ChatEx and AdminCMD. If you want to use any of my projects please use my own maven repo, an explanation is on the main page. If you have any ideas for a project of mine, feel free to create a pull request on github.